To thank you all for your amazing support and interest, I’m doing my first giveaway! To get a chance to win, all you have to do is reblog this post. There will be 2 winners.

  • Winner will get: One product (hoodie, shirt or bag) of their choice.
  • Runner up will get: One sour wolf bag.


  • Reblog up to 2 times a day, likes don’t count.
  • Reblogs from fake/giveaway blogs don’t count.
  • You don’t have to follow me.
  • The contest ends on Sunday, October 14th. I will announce and contact the winners within that week.

A little side note: By request, I’ve added two new designs to the shop with spirals and triskelions (which you can see here and here) and I’ve also added Greenberg’s lacrosse hoodies and shirts (I chose the number 13 because it was the one suggested). I’ll be adding more designs in the future. If you’re interested in helping out, send me an email and we can discuss commission.

(To keep up with the updates, follow us on Twitter. Winners will be announced there.)

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